“From the start of the implementation of the RCEF-Mechanization Program, we at the Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PHilMech) have set the objective of making the distribution of farm machines free of graft and corruption.

However, there are still people with ill motives who take advantage of the target beneficiaries of the RCEF-Mechanization Program, which are the qualified farmers’ cooperatives and associations (FCAs), and the suppliers of the program’s farm machine requirements.

We at PHilMech have received reports of persons with ill motives who ask for ‘processing fees’ from FCAs to facilitate the awarding/deliveries of farm machines and ask ‘facilitation fees’ from machinery suppliers who were given notices of award.

Amid these reports, we at PHilMech would like to emphasize that we never authorize nor tolerate the collection of both the processing and facilitation fees.

This means that FCAs that are interested to become beneficiaries under the RCEF-Mechanization Program need not pay any fees to become recipient of free machines under the program, and to avail of the training related to the program, both hands-on and online.

Libre po ang mga makinarya at serbisyong kalakip nito mula sa RCEF. Walang kailangang bayaran na anuman sa sinuman. Basta makinaryang RCEF, libre!

Also, all qualified FCAs will get their share of farm machines under the program, whether they are in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao.

On those asking ‘facilitation fees,’ we at PHilMech have also received reports of people using the names of government officials who approach machine suppliers and ask for a fee to facilitate the release of payments. This act is tantamount to corruption!

From the start of the RCEF-Mechanization Program, PHilMech takes great pride in making the whole process of acquiring the machines under the program graft- and corruption-free, and continue to livestream through the official PHilMech official Facebook page the whole procurement process.

And PHilMech will continue to make the process of acquiring machines under the RCEF-Mechanization Program free from graft and corruption until 2024, or the end of the program.

So, should there be acts detrimental to the implementation of RCEF-Mechanization Program, kindly write or message us through our Facebook page or other contact details so we at PHilMech can take the necessary actions.”