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The RESP (Rice Extension Service Program) or Extension Component, as of June 30, 2022 RESP conducted a total of 5,186 various trainings (Training of Specialist, Training of Trainers, Training of farmers and Training of other Extension Intermediaries) with 132,492 participants. RESP has also distributed 180,801 Qualification Maps (QMs) under the TESDA scholarship programs. They have developed 486 IEC titles for three (3) years with 5.79 M and 4.95 M copies produced and distributed, respectively. 

Also, a total of 51.96M participants reached through various Knowledge Sharing and Learning (KSL) Activities such as Information Caravan, Technical Briefing, Palay Aralan, Lakbay Palay, E-Talakayan, School-on-Air, Exhibits, Social Media Posts, Media Placements, Farmers Information and Technology Service (FITS) Center, Media briefings, Webinar, PalayTalakayan, Kapihan, Digital Agriculture Course/Digital Farmers Program, Info Hub Establishment and etc. 

Lastly, the RESP assisted 4,518 FCAs for the Enterprise Development Assistance especially on Business/Operational Plan Preparation, while ATI established and enhanced 209 and 79 Farm Schools, respectively.