The IEC Materials is distributed to the RCEF clients via training, technical briefings, and other knowledge, sharing and learning (KSL) activities (posters, standing banters, flyers, still animated infographics, infomercials, etc.)  They shall be available and accessible at the Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS) Centers, Farmers Cooperative and Association (FCA’s), Farm Schools, and offices of the involved agencies.  Moreover, the IEC materials shall likewise be shared via existing strategic media platforms (e.g. social media, radio, SMS, print, and website) of the involved agencies and partners, Media placement shall also be carried out for wider reach of information.

PhilRice developed science-based contents of high-quality inbred seed and its associated integrated crop management (ICM) and develop a materials on the updated PalayCheck System (an integrated crop management system) for inbred rice and seed production; PhilMech on the rice machinery and equipment operations and enterprise development for the FCA’s; and develop took kit for the machine specialists and AEWS who will involve in the rice mechanization with TESDA on training scholarships. Land Bank and Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) shall be engaged in content development concerning credit assistance, Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) on seed certification and seed grower’s registration.  All contents and package as a tool kit together with information materials about the RCEF and its Components.

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Palay Check Poster (8.8MB)