DA-PhilRice Isabela jumpstarted the pre-registration of Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) farmer-beneficiaries as strategy for the Binhi e-Padala. This was piloted with the Kapapayaan Farmer Irrigators Association (KFIA) of Rizal, Kalinga and Bannawag Sur Farmers Association (BSFA) of Diffun, Qurino.

Pre-registration replaces the claim code sent through SMS with QR codes received during the pre-registration facilitated by partner FCAs. This addresses the concern of farmers with no cellphones or have no signals, who also want to try e-Padala.

Through this innovation, 75% of the KFIA targeted beneficiaries were given seeds while 100% was provided to members of BSFA. Because of the positive feedback from farmers, this will be scale-out in succeeding seasons of RCEF seed distribution. This will tap more FCAs as strong RCEF partners.

RCEF is continuously innovating its seed distribution schemes to hasten the activity, lighten the load of LGU in implementing seed and extension programs, and strengthen farmer associations as partners in seed distribution. (DA-PhilRice Isabela, FB)