Beginning of the journey

Palco became a participant of RSTC through the recommendation of ATI-RTC Eastern Visayas. In this training course, she gained knowledge on rice and rice-based production technologies equipping her with the attitude and skills on responding to challenges of a more complex agricultural environment.

The training honed her technical competencies and personality. “This training allowed me to become more confident with myself, especially in expressing my ideas. I became more resourceful and flexible in dealing with unfavorable situations that might happen. Also, I must say that my network expanded through this training because I get to deal with and meet new people. Indeed, I am now prepared to become a good resource person/trainer and share my passion and knowledge with farmers,” Palco said.

Fulfilling the responsibilities

Upon the completion of RSTC, graduates are automatically included in the pool of resource persons expected to handle technical dispatches and serve the Filipino rice farmers in their respective areas.

“As a rice specialist, my primary responsibility is to serve as a resource person in rice and rice-related training courses, especially those under RCEF. I am also responsible for organizing RCEF-related training like Training of Trainers, assisting in the conduct of technical briefings, and providing technical assistance on rice production-related concerns of the RCEF farmer-beneficiaries,” she highlighted.

The joy in serving others

It is very challenging and risky to fulfill the mission of a rice specialist during the global pandemic. However, despite this, Palco looked for ways to render service to the clients. With the help of her colleagues, she came up with various strategies to continue the delivery of training activities to the rice farmers. 

Her commitment to serving the Filipino farmers keeps her motivated to fulfill her mission. “It was seeing the participants appreciate what I am doing and teaching that made my heart happy. And whenever I see their eagerness to learn more and apply these learnings in their farms, I am more inspired to perform better as a resource person.”

Pieces of advice

Palco dreams of a prosperous agricultural sector. As she recalled her journey of becoming a rice specialist, she gave a few pieces of advice.

“To my co-rice specialists, I hope that we carry on our mission and willingly serve the Filipino rice farmers. Let us continue educating them on modern rice technologies so that they can expand their knowledge, attitude, and skills. May we also continue to enhance our knowledge on this field, so we can share sound innovations in rice farming to transform and augment our farmers’ production competency.”

“To the rice farmers, may you make yourself available on the programs offered by the government, especially on modern rice production technologies. Surely, these programs will help you improve your yield and increase your income. May you always see the good intentions of the government-initiated programs.”

“To the aspiring rice specialists, I encourage you to undergo RSTC. If there will be more of us specializing in this field, then more rice farmers will be reached and will be given the chance to become competitive.”

True to her duties, Palco learned where her heart is. “I will continue to perform my responsibilities as a rice specialist because I know even in these little acts, I am helping the Filipino farmers,” she concluded.